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DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Review

DRX9000 Lumbar Disc Treatment Provides 76% Satisfaction Rate In Japanese Study Here’s a quick recap of this DRX9000 spinal decompression review… In a study of 50 patients, Dr. Noriaki Yamamoto and others reported that 76% of patients were satisfied because of the treatment that they received by means of the DRX9000. A study titled, “The treatment of lumbar disc disease using DRX9000” i... Read More »

back pain relief machine

Quick Back Pain Relief Machine

When back pain becomes unbearable, the question people want to know is how can I get quick back pain relief? Read More »

best lower back exercise

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Lower Back Exercise

There are literally hundreds of exercises and treatments for lower back pain- here's how to decide what is best lower back exercise for you. Read More »

Denver Chiropractor Agrees with Harvard Researchers: Chiropractic "Highly Cost-Effective" Versus MD Treatment for Low Back Pain and Neck Pain

As a chiropractor in Denver for over a decade, I’ve tried maintain my finger on the pulse of the local natural health community. The current economy has caused us all to become more frugal. Accordingly, I ran across an interesting study that looks at the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care vs. medical care for the treatment of low back pain and neck pain. The study was headed up by Harva... Read More »

overworked mom

Pain Relief Advice for an Overworked Denver Mom

Who wouldn’t want quick pain relief? Sometimes pain relief can come in different forms. I had a conversation lately that I think might be of help when you’ve put too much on your plate and you’re in pain. Here’s the gist of the way the conversation went… A mother of 3 young children had issues with intense upper back and neck pain, headaches and fatigue. She just plai... Read More »

Best Denver Chiropractor?

Looking for the best Chiropractor in the Denver area? This should help you out. Read More »

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