Back Pain Causes

Back Pain Cause


Back Pain Causes

Neck and back pain causes can stem from a variety of conditions.  Conditions can range from an inflammatory diet, statin drugs (yes, you heard right, statin drugs can be a major cause of not only back pain but joint pain), gall stones, kidney stones, ruptured discs, strains and sprains, repetitive stress, cumulative trauma, a bad bed, poor driving posture, poor work posture, bad shoes, crummy pillows, stress, improper lifting… or attempting the pose the woman above. So knowing the history is half the battle to find out your back pain causes.

Acute and chronic conditions present differently and often result in different treatment plans.  The sooner you treat a condition the sooner the recovery…for obvious reasons one can heal faster if treatment is sought sooner rather than later.

Where To Go For The Answer to Your Back Pain Causes

As you probably know by the name of my website, Denver chiropractor, I practice in Colorado. We serve Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, Ken Caryl, Golden and all the surrounding areas. We always ask for thorough family history, possible modes of injury, medications, supplements and daily activities. When all of the ‘crumbs’ fall place we can follow the clues to the solution much easier. I liken it to chasing a horse or a zebra.  They both leave very similar tracks, but they’re much, much different. Sometimes the answer is in the details. We use x-ray when appropriate. We also do a functional movement screen to determine weak links in the human movement chain. This one test has been invaluable for finding out and treating hidden causes of back pain.

If your particular case of back pain is low grade (under a 3 out of 10 on a pain scale), you might consider exploring a few simple back pain exercises.  Physical trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors are all well trained in providing tips for a spinal strengthening routine.  It’s advised to see your doctor first though so as not to further injure anything that is at its early stages of debilitation.

Back Pain Causes and Recovery Times

Typically many chronically based injuries with an acute back pain exacerbation can recover in about 6 weeks.  At least that what the text book says on an acute (low grade) strain or sprain.  If the injury is more severe, or something other than a strain or sprain (like a ruptured disc) then the time to recover is increased. Usually. I like to think that intervention can always allow you to heal faster than if you do nothing and just  ‘hope it goes away.’

Back Pain Causes- find the answer

Finding the true cause of your back pain is half the answer, so that’s where we come in. And as a bonus we give you the other half of the answer as well… the fix to your back pain causes.

Posted from Lakewood, Colorado, United States.

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