Back Pain During Pregnancy- What to do and Why

Back Pain During Pregnancy

pregnancy back pain Back Pain During Pregnancy  What to do and Why | Denver Chiropractor

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy can be debilitating.  Understanding the sources of back pain might give you better insight to the facts and myths about pain with pregnancy as well.

Lower back pain during pregnancy can accompany constipation and the cramps during pregnancy can be miserable for a new mother-to-be.  A mother’s body is accommodating and adapting so much in the first trimester it often can throw her bowels into a temporary ‘freeze.’  The nerves emanating from the lower back eventually innervate the lower GI tract, which consists of a lot of smooth muscle; hence the correlation between low back pain and constipation. Many times this can easily be managed with the proper care. The irregularity can often be relieved with an appropriate dose of magnesium citrate.

Back Pain During Pregnancy – 2nd Trimester

If you’re experiencing back pain during pregnancy in your 1st trimester, a chiropractor can be a great place to start in relieving or managing your spinal discomfort.  It’s common (although not normal) to get back pain with pregnancy.  Many times the added weight gain during pregnancy can cause a previously hidden biomechanical fault to come to the surface where it now expresses itself as pain, when before you’re body was managing it.  So if you’re experiencing these symptoms..all the more reason to be in the hands of a competent provider for back pain relief while your pregnant. In my clinic we frequently use the ProAdjuster, which is a computerized instrument that gently assists the body to realigning. Sometimes mom’s just cant comfortably get in a position to be manually adjusted. So this new technology is quite a relief.

2nd trimester and 3rd trimester pains, though still somewhat related are a little more unique than the first trimester (as far as back pain goes).  The second and especially the third trimester are more and more devoted to the growth of your baby.  The fetus is growing so much that the source of your discomfort and back pain during pregnancy may in fact be due to altered biomechanics such as pelvic bowl changes. We all know that some pregnant mothers have a distinct waddle:). It is, however, possible to maintain a functional and healthy gait if you are being monitored by a physical medicine specialist. Many times something as simple a case specific exercise may do the trick.

Back Pain During Pregnancy- Pain Relief

Along with back pain during your pregnancy, I see a lot of athletic mothers in Denver so I focus on treating extremities too.  Leg cramps especially unilateral can be treated with adjustments too.  There aren’t many supplements, pills or drugs that treat the cause of your ‘one-sided’ leg cramps.  Consider the ‘waddle’ again for a second and you might notice that one side of your body has to work a little harder than the other.  If a certain set of muscles is ‘overworked and underpaid’ then the untreated cause may contribute to a symptom in the form of cramps.  Our clinic is in Lakewood, CO. This is where a chiropractor can really help with back pain during pregnancy.

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  1. 23 January 11, 9:52pm

    What an epic post – actually very useful! A complete lot of appreciated!

    • Dr. Ron
      25 January 11, 4:37pm

      Pregnancy is tough enough, back pain while pregnant just makes it much harder. Finding a chiropractor who treats pregnant women can be a God send.

  2. Taylor
    08 March 11, 12:36am

    I had horrible back pain during pregnancy- it took me to my knees at some point- without the help of my chiropractor I would have been bed ridden. I have a lower back injury so the pregnancy just compounded it – for most of the pregnancy I was going in two or three times a month!

    • Dr. Ron Spallone
      14 March 11, 1:17pm

      Just had someone come in last week , three months pregnant, and she was very happy to find a chiropractor in Denver who works on pregnant women.

  3. Stephanie
    09 March 11, 1:23pm

    My best friend experienced some bad back pain when she was expecting. She didn’t even think to visit a chiropractor. When my time comes and if I have that kind of pain, I’m definitely going to a chiropractor.

  4. Kim Rawks
    09 March 11, 6:27pm

    My college roommate is having a baby and it’s been really tough having back pain during pregnancy! I can tell you from observation her lower back is really hurting and I’ll try to talk her into coming to Evocare Center for Physical Health.

  5. Arnie
    07 April 11, 8:57pm

    Maybe the best way to avoid back pain during pregnancy is prevention. Meaning, if you are planning to get pregnant, stay fit, manage your diet, exercise before and during pregnancy. And also follow proper posture and body mechanics when doing activities during pregnancy.

    • Dr. Ron Spallone
      14 May 11, 3:38pm

      Well said.

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