Back Pain Exercises

Back Pain Exercises

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Back Pain Exercises

Pain in your back can often be prevented or managed with specific back pain exercises.  Back pain exercises can range from isometric workouts, isotonic weight lifting, and the infamous yoga routines available. I’m not a big fan of the type of generic back pain exercises that you get from the overworked physical therapist that look like they are a copy of a copy of a from a 1970 copy.

In a case where a disc injury is involved, McKenzie exercises are usually recommended.  Extension exercises often offer the most results with a bulging disc due to the decompressive nature of the movement.  (Decompression of the spine can help reverse the pressure of a bulging disc; sometimes referred to as a slipped disc).

Some motions to be careful of are: twisting and bending (simultaneously) especially under additional weight.  Examples of this are carrying awkward objects.  They don’t have to even be that heavy to cause injury because the orientation of annulus fibers in the disc are such that they ‘criss cross’ at about 15 degrees from each other.  This particular orientation is at its weakest when twisting and bending occur at the same time.  This is why you’ll often see a moving crew wearing back braces.

Back Pain Exercises – What Not To Do

Is twisting bad? Not evil. Is bending bad? Not in all circumstances. Combining the two can be, especially when when you have a deconditioning syndrome, which is what most back pain patients have- spinal stabilizing muscles that are unhealthy or not properly conditioned.

Be sure to ‘layer’ your core back pain exercises.  At our chiropractic clinic in Lakewood, CO we use a functional movement screen to determine which parts of your core needs the most work. We work form the weakest link out. Exercises that compromise the weakest muscles are restricted until the patient can demonstrate that they have ‘fixed’ the weakest link.

Back Pain Exercises in Acute Pain

When you’re in acute pain, starting out with a back exercise that includes deep bending and extreme ranges of motion isn’t a good idea.  It’s this very motion that keeps chiropractors in business.  The spine needs to be treated with care…work up to your goals slowly.  An injury will always set your goals back and hamper your routine. I have a routine that I do at Clement Park, bodyweight exercises. And another protocol that I do at 24 Fitness in Littleton on Bowles.

The point of your back pain exercises should be prevention, not necessarily treatment.

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  1. Ryan
    07 April 11, 9:28pm

    I have friends who are already in their sixties. Some are still active physically. And since LBP is common to the elderly, are these exercises still applies to them?

    • Dr. Ron Spallone
      01 May 11, 8:10pm

      OMG Ryan, you have friends in their sixties that are ‘still active’… unbelievable lol!! You must be in your twenties, God bless you! Of course some of these exercise can help. :o )

  2. 14 May 11, 9:47pm

    [...] Is support bad, no. But the best support comes from conditioning the intrinsic muscles of the core. Lower back exercises and core exercises are imperative to incorporate into your lifestyle especially with chronic back [...]

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