Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain Treatment

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably hurting and are looking at options for pain treatments.  Hopefully some tips are here to help steer you in the right direction.

Far too often, treating back pain begins at the urgent care center where you’ll likely receive some muscle relaxers and pain pills. Very rarely does this provide even mild relief.

So, after a trip to your primary care doctor…you go online reading about natural, alternative healing methods that can help.  You may have been skeptical of chiropractic until now-the pain is unbearable. You see a long list of Colorado chiropractors.

What now?

If chiropractic care turns out to be one of your  back pain treatments, here a few things you should know; Chiropractic has been a co-factor in back pain relief for over 100 years now.  It’s the largest drugless health care profession in the world. Acupuncture treatment for back pain has been available for thousands of years.

Back Pain Treatments at a Chiropractic Clinic

Treatment at the chiropractic clinic might include electric muscle stimulation, TENS, microcurrent, interferential current, ultrasound and most likely (at some point) spinal manipulation therapy.  The type of therapy or modality needed is different dependent upon the condition. If you’re trying to a seek back pain treatments for a pinched nerve… a chiropractor should be on your list of treatment options.  To ‘unpinch’ a nerve, a joint may need manipulation therapy to adjust and refine the joint articulation so the nerve is no longer being pinched, tractioned or compressed

Decompression might be a therapy to consider if you’re condition is related to a bulging or herniated disc. Of the back pain treatments discussed thus far, it is the one that is most often utilized for disc related back pain. If the ‘pinched nerve’ is from a ruptured or bulging disc and you are trying to avoid back surgery, spinal decompression therapy should be on the list of possible cures.  In our clinic, we use the DRX9000 non-surgical spinal decompression machine. Therapeutically, it’s extremely safe, has a high rate of success and patient satisfaction and is a viable non-surgical option.

Back Pain Treatments are Only Part of the Solution

In my estimation back pain treatments should be secondary to treating the person as a whole. Most often the problem is not where the symptoms are. To remedy leg and hip pain, back pain, sciatica or to cure a back injury… a treatment plan should addresses the acute and chronic symptoms.  And remember, your back pain exercises should be yours and not the same as everyone else’s. That being said, all back pain treatments should be individualized.

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  1. 12 January 11, 11:26pm

    Helpful browsing your site. I had to deal with serious back discomfort for quite some time mostly on account of spending too much time being seated working on the personal computer. I been able to cure it through taking frequent breaks and performing various stretching exercises and then typically later in the day just spending at least 20 min’s performing a entire stretch exercise routine. The final results are already outstanding.

  2. 18 May 11, 8:00am

    Chiropractic care and treatment is a new discovery which has a lot of benefits to those who are having back pain and other muscle and bone problem. Thanks for this post! I have also read some important points on Back Pain therapy.

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