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chiropractor recommends life changing books

On The 10th Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- Life Changing Books and Cool Websites

I love to read…I read 4 or 5 books at once. I keep them on my nightstand and pick up whichever one I’m in the mood for prior going to sleep. About half of the books I read have to do with advancing my knowledge on my career- Complimentary and Alternative Medicine The other half are on personal development, business, success, family and parenting. I also like to read some leisure books ... Read More »

Three of The Healthiest Fish You Can Eat

On The 7th, 8th and 9th Days of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended to Me- Three of The Healthiest Fish You Can Eat

Here's one of my favorite mail-order resources. It's here that you can get some of the healthiest fish in the world. Not, one, but three of the healthiest fish you can eat. Omega-3 fatty acids from certain fish are one of the healthiest fats you can eat- for brain health and heart health as well as for the anti-inflammatory effects they provide. Three fish that have the most potent amounts of a... Read More »

On The 6th Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- Natural Remedies for Coughs

Because upper respiratory infections, coughs and colds are so prevalent in Colorado in the wintertime, I think this resource is a gem. I love things that are earthen and whole. Organic herbs and spices are truly blessings from God. One of the best (and little known), natural remedies for coughs and upper respiratory problems is an herb known as Tussilago farfara, or Coltsfoot. Read More »

take a bath for detox

On The 5th Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- In With The Good and Out With The Bad

I do comprehensive blood testing along with hair analysis for many of my chronic pain patients. I see high levels of toxicities in chronic pain cases nearly 100% of the time. Heck, I see toxicities in most everyone I test-myself included. I use this in fibromyalgia treatment. Read More »

On The 4th Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- A Far Infrared Sauna

LUXSauana far infrared saunas, based in Lakewood, Colorado, produce 300-500% more toxin eliminating and health stimulating sweat than a hot rock sauna. I've had patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia purchase them and love them for obvious reasons- detoxification, weight loss, decreased joint and muscle pain. Read More »

On The 3rd Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- A Healthy Gift Basket

So for the 3rd Day of Healthy Christmas, I am going to recommend a gift basket full of free-range, Native American raised, buffalo snacks. Read More »

On The 2nd Day of Christmas, My Chiropractor Recommended To Me- High Plains Food Co-op

I belong to the High Plains Food Co-operative. It cost me just $40 to join ($100 for voting rights) and each and every month I can shop online for fresh, locally grown and produced foods. Once I place my order, my food is delivered to the pick-up point waiting for me. Read More »

Having Your Own Health Care Policy

Having Your Own Health Care Policy

I believe the effectiveness of alternative health care. I practice holistic chiropractic and complimentary and alternative medicine. I practice a version of sports chiropractic that I term ‘sports medicine without the medicine.’ Have you ever wondered why medicine is not considered ‘alternative’ and natural health care isn’t the standard? In all seriousness, I believe... Read More »


Natural Treatment for Insomnia- A Case Review

A cure for sleeplessness may be an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills. Read More »

ear infection girl and dog

Information on Treating Ear Infections

Chiropractic and ear infections? Here’s a small collection of interesting research on ear infections (Otitis media). From a Postgraduate Medicine, Oct. ’87, review article by Moshe Frenkel, M.D., Acute Otitis Media; Does Therapy Alter its Course?: Eichenwald (1985): no bacterial cause can be identified in 1/3 of cases; spontaneous resolution in 60% within ten days of onset Fry (1958): 85% of... Read More »

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