Chiropractors vs Doctors


chiropractors vs doctors Chiropractors vs Doctors | Denver ChiropractorIt’s thought by some that chiropractors are not on par with medical doctors and that our education is not comparable.

Here’s some intriguing information across I came when researching the whole “chiropractors vs doctors” information I found It was a test between medical students and chiropractic students that can add to the conversation of chiropractors vs doctors…

Here are the results from a basic test designed by medical orthopedic residency professors to test the knowledge of medical residents vs. chiropractic students. In the orthopedic test 82% of medical school graduates failed the examination. [1]

However, four years later the test was simplified and made easier, but once again, 78% of the medical resident examinees failed to demonstrate basic clinical competency in musculoskeletal medicine. [2]

Chiropractors vs Doctors

When this test was given to  chiropractic students who were in their final quarter of clinic, 70% of them passed the same exam! [3]

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Chiropractors vs Doctors

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