Quick Back Pain Relief Machine

Back Pain Treatment

How can I get quick back pain relief? The million dollar question.

Most of the time mother nature just doesn’t comply with that request.

back pain relief machine photoBut…she can be persuaded!

The art of being a sports chiropractor in Denver demands that I continue to strive for better ways to help people get back to their sport or everyday activities as soon as they safely can.

I want to introduce to you a great machine that you’ve probably never heard about or seen before that I use. Many times I’ve been able to find the right combination for people in pain to produce minor miracles.

This quick back pain relief machine is literally built to reduce pain and improve range of motion ‘on the spot.’ It doesn’t work every time and it isn’t a magic wand but when used judiciously and appropriately, it’s been great tool to have in my belt.

(Those of you know me know that I’m not a big fan of having one hammer and seeing everything as a nail.)

Quick Back Pain Relief Machine

The machine is called the ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movements) it’s an interactive functional therapy that’s really a coupled clinician/patient endeavor to relieve and manage acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. I’ve used it successfully for hip pain, hip and low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, upper back pain, poor posture and mid back pain.
Substantial results of decreased pain levels, enhanced range of motion, overall sense of feeling better and functional goals (like being able to bend over when you’ve been stuck) have been completely accomplished with patients quickly, and many times immediately, after treatment. Quick back pain relief becomes a reality.

One condition that I’ve found it to be a great help in obtaining quick back pain relief is chronic low back pain that becomes acutely flared up.

The ability to heal chronic back and neck pain definitely seems to be among the biggest difficulties clinicians worldwide must face. The basis behind the innovative ATM Concept is that, in the majority of cases, it can successfully and immediately lessen current symptoms while in the clinic.

The doctor assisted ATM ‘In Clinic’ Treatment has two phases

The Examination Phase

The patient is evaluated to ascertain weather the ATM Concept would work. A full assessment is carried out, and contraindications to qualify for the ATM2 are sought out. Included in this are pregnancy and certain diseases or conditions among others. Sometimes we take x-rays to help us rule out red flags and/or pinpoint exactly what the biomechanics are.

When a person can’t normally bend a certain direction like…you can’t bend over to put your shoes on. That limitation of movement is a great indicator that this back pain relief treatment may be indicated. In fact, during the office visit the sole outcome of treatment would be to immediately increase your ability to bend over. When this happens, which is quite often, I call it the “wow effect”  because those are usually the first words out of the patients mouth! Quick back pain relief  indeed.

The Clinic Phase
After the assessment and determining that you are suitable for the ATM treatment, I’ll be able to set the patient on the ATM2 so the particular debilitating motion will become entirely pain free- that’s the goal.

The patient then performs 1- 2 minutes of comfortable movements under supervision while supported by the ATM2 apparatus. It’s actually stabilizing the injured or involved areas so you are able to perform previously painful ranges of motion.

Quick Back Pain Relief After Treatment

Right after the treatment I’ll release the patient out of the ATM2 and expect that the previously painful movement will have an immediate and substantial diminishing of pain and/or an increase in range of motion.

The clinic phase will last a number of sessions based on the patient’s condition. Sometimes it takes a few treatments and sometimes I just use it as a management tool for when your pain flares up. I don’t know if there are any other Colorado chiropractors that use this therapy but it’s pretty cool. I’ll get a video up here of this quick back pain relief machine in action soon.

Posted from Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Ron Spallone

Dr. Ron Spallone, DC is the chiropractic clinic director. His passion is the driving force behind Denver Chiropractor dot com. He's been a Colorado chiropractor for over 15 years.

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  1. June 2, 2011, 10:37 pm

    I’ve seen back issues take the complete job out of a person’s life. It is incredibly life changing when someone deals with a bad back. Take care of your health while you have it.

  2. July 8, 2011, 6:19 pm

    My heart goes out to anyone suffering from back pain. The best advice is to start an exercise program before you have an accident or simply reach an age where the body begins to tighten up. Stretching is a great suggestion too.

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