101 Healthy Valentine Gift Ideas – Colorado Style

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Here’s my list of healthy Valentine gift ideas, especially for people in Denver and Colorado. Holidays don’t always have to be a reason to self indulge to the point where you sacrifice your health.

I hope this list can help you think of ways to recommit yourself to choosing wellness. If you can learn to think that way, your life will change. You’ll feel so much better, accomplish more and get all there is to get out of life.

healthy valentines heartHealth is a gift you can give to yourself and others- all year round. Keep in mind while reading this you aren’t limited to just one idea!

So, without further ado (in no particular order), here is my Healthy Valentines Day Gift List, Colorado style…

  1. Massage Gift Certificate at Massage Advantage Lakewood (Buy a package of six massages or more and get them all for $39/hour! Gift cards do NOT expire and they are sharable)
  2. A weekend Colorado Ski and Spa Romance package
  3. Organic whole leaf Green tea gift basket from the best tea store in Colorado “In-Tea” (Tell Carol I sent you)
  4. A membership at Littleton Yoga Center (first class is free to new members)
  5. A nice bottle of organic Red Wine (bring on the resveratrol, skip the sulfites)
  6. Dinner for two at the romantic Manor House in picturesque Ken Caryl Valley
  7. Pamper Yourself (or your Valentine) at my friend, Jessica Bachus’s website
  8. An Italian dinner at “Best of Denver” Cafe Jordano (used to be my secret ‘hole in the wall’ but the word has gotten out)
  9. A private serenade by local legend and one of my all-time favorites, Rich Italiano and the Rich Italiano Band (He’s a lovable cross between Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Milton Berle and Elvis)
  10. A gift certificate for dinner at Romano’s Italian Restaurant, family owned by another one of my favorites, Ellie Romano
  11. Enroll in master of personal development and good friend Bill Sumner’s MasterMind Experience (HURRY begins Feb 8th)
  12. A romantic day ice skating outdoors in Boulder
  13. Watch a soul-stirring movie (or two) that evokes tears of inspiration and love. My list: Field of Dreams, The Day of the Dolphin, Chariots of Fire, Dead Poets Society, Shakespeare in Love, Gladiator, Cinderella Man, Brian’s Song, World’s Fastest Indian, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Notebook, Legend’s of the Fall, On Golden Pond, Term’s of Endearment, A Walk to Remember, Marley and Me)
  14. A home spa day. A bath, meditation, a walk, favorite music, healthy meals, another bath, give each other a massage- be creative, relaxed and peaceful with each other
  15. A relationship building seminar by Bill Sumner, “The Inevitable Relationship.” (2/19/10) This seminar is for people of action who want to be part of a powerful program experiencing and learning revolutionary technologies for creating an unbelievable relationship.
  16. An infrared home sauna from Colorado’s Luxsauna (One of my favorite healthy therapies for weight loss, detoxification, stress reduction. Located in Lakewood, they deliver fast!)
  17. A healthy active outfit or two from Born Fit Clothing (A great Colorado company)
  18. A nourishing organic lunch at OrganixxRestaurant
  19. Followed by a healthy organic dinner at Mercury Cafe
  20. A gift basket full of healthy goodies from Sunflower Markets or Vitamin Cottage, or Whole Foods
  21. Healthy anti-oxidant rich sweets from Denver’s own “The Chocolate Therapist”
  22. A weekend at the 5-star world renowned BroAdmoor in Colorado Springs- special because I got married there. (The author will accept gifts for this one :) )
  23. Make a deal with the baby sitter and give your wife some ‘coupons’ for babysitting time that she can have ‘in the bank’ for some girl time later
  24. A beautifying skin system from my good friend and hair dresser Lisa Comandari
  25. My favorite blender in the world (Stay tuned here for more recipes and videos on how to ‘make this blender sing’)
  26. Healthy ceramic cookware from the Compleat Gourmet (Say hi to my good friend Barb Trexler when you’re there)
  27. A massage chair
  28. Innovative jewelery (made from old scrabble tiles!) You have to check out Colorado company HappenStance. Of important note: They donate a portion of sales to Dolls for Daughters which was created by Jessica Bachus in December 2007 – in memory of her daughter Kenzi Bachus. This inspirational Non-Profit Organization collects dolls for underprivileged children throughout the year and distributes them to local Denver charities during the holiday season. (God bless, Jessica)
  29. Wild Alaskan Sockeye, King, and Silver Salmon (This is one thing you should splurge on throughout the year, the health benefits are incomparable)
  30. A healthy breakfast in bed. Frozen organic berries, shredded coconut, chopped almonds and walnuts, granola with almond milk. (See rest of list for what to do after)
  31. A silent walk in the park holding hands
  32. An invigorating walk with the dogs at a no leash dog park
  33. My favorite juicer in the world (This gift alone is worth years of optimum health!)
  34. An iPhone? What about a headset that protects iPhone users from electromagnetic radiation
  35. A gift of health that keeps on giving… a membership to my gym, Club Form in Littleton, owner Sean Gale is a great inspiration. classes are unique and not the ‘same ol’
  36. A romantic Estes Park getaway
  37. Subscription to a healthy magazine
  38. A TRX Home Training System (One of my favorite ways to exercise anytime, anywhere, in Colorado)
  39. A healthy nutrition and cookbook.  Here’s one of my all-time favorites: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon,
  40. Spend a lazy morning (or day) at the Tattered Cover Book Store in a cozy chair with a latte
  41. An organic sleep system and bedding
  42. Custom foot orthotics (For anyone who has foot, leg, hip or back pain, this would be a gift that would keep on giving)
  43. A gym membership at 24 hour Fitness (See Miss Colorado, Ginny May, at Littleton/Belleview Sport
  44. A soft, new, luxurious organic cotton blanket (Use it to wrap another gift in)
  45. A big meaningful kiss… along with a promise to give a big meaningful kiss every day from here on out
  46. A new house? See Mike Burns or Mike Haywood
  47. A hot bath with essential oils, coconut water, coconut milk, red rose petals and red wine
  48. Here’s a website devoted to helping you ladies find Valentine’s gifts for men
  49. Complete chiropractic examination at Evocare Center for Physical Health (Mention this article to get Valentine’s special: $25 includes exam, x-ray, & consultation :)
  50. Saturday February 13th is a new moon. During a new moon, the cleansing capabilities of the body are optimized and it’s capacity for detoxing is at its peak. Prepare a hot bath an add sea salt, baking soda and eucalyptus. Drink a lot of pure fresh water and go to bed early. Sleep, heal. If this seems ‘out there’ to some of you, think again. The moon moves vast oceans of waters, your body is 70% water- very cleansing and peaceful.
  51. A paraffin bath (she’ll know what it is)
  52. A gift from Colorado jewelry maker Circle Of Friends Jewelery and Gems. They also donate to Dolls for Daughters
  53. How about some local spa elegance? Salon Foushee in Littleton. Owner Kara is wonderful. 1st class place (amazing pedicures)
  54. Here’s a list of Colorado mountain retreats
  55. This may be my all-time favorite ‘secret activity’ in Colorado-the Tennessee Pass Cook House. You snowshoe about a mile back in the woods to a secluded yurt and then partake in a gourmet cooked 5-star meal that they pack in. Amazing experience. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone!)
  56. A romantic B&B
  57. A getaway to a private ghost town (Dunton Hot Springs)  Truly one of the premier places in Colorado, if not anywhere in the world.
  58. A day shopping at Vail $$$$
  59. A day shopping at Cherry Creek $$$
  60. A day shopping at Wal-Mart $
  61. Lock yourself in a room and make love all day… Priceless!
  62. A dog sledding tour for two
  63. A romantic snowshoe hike & picnic in the woods. (Click here for the best places in Colorado)
  64. Snowmobiling tour in Breckenridge
  65. A holistic nutrition class
  66. Indoor Golf Lessons (CO Springs)
  67. Indoor Golf Lessons (Denver)
  68. A gift certificate to Boulder Running Company
  69. Horrible back pain interfering with your love life? Try Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy on the DRX9000
  70. A new car! (See my friends Henry Block at Quality Mitsubishi or Randy Gradishar at Phil Long Ford
  71. A truly healthy and delicious dinner at Root Down
  72. A personal trainer
  73. Healthy skin care products- Sanitas
  74. Oxygen therapy for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferers
  75. A nap
  76. An Amazon Kindle pre-loaded healthy books. (FREE 2-day shipping on Valentine’s gifts.)
  77. A membership to Denver Botanic Gardens
  78. Q-link products
  79. A “Learn How to Golf DVD” (A back friendly ‘Dr. Spallone Approved’ method of perfecting your golf swing from my good friend Rob Bernard
  80. Hire personal trainer Dan Demuth
  81. A healthy gift basket from WellBaskets.com
  82. Begin some new habits. Here’s one of my favorite resources for local farms that sell all-natural grass-fed and organic meats, game and raw dairy- www.EatWild.com
  83. Cancel all your activities, unplug the phone and try to be thankful, gracious and loving for all that you have in your life. If you can’t do this all day. Do it for however long you can. When was the last time you did that?
  84. Here’s a great life changing gift you may not have thought of- mind mapping software. It’s how I organize my businesses, my practice and my life. NovaMind mind mapping software
  85. Manicure? Pedicure? Fingers and Toes Salon
  86. A FitBook (Tracks your goals, workouts and progress) I love their slogan… Live. Life. Fit.
  87. BONUS GIFT goes here… please contribute one of your healthy Valentine gift ideas ideas below
  88. What the hey… get married! How about a “Mountain Top Matrimony at Loveland Ski Resort”  (I proposed on Valentine’s day 8 years ago! Happy ‘Proposal anniversary’ sweetie :)
  89. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Retreat
  90. Gift Certificate to Vitamin Cottage
  91. Make a Valentines Day stocking filled with luxurious healthy spa goodies (Who says stockings are only for Christmas?)
  92. Gift Cards: Whole Foods
  93. Instead of candy, have healthy Valentines snacks set out- graze
  94. Single? Get a new best friend and change an animals life- adopt a Valentine pet at the animal shelter
  95. Laugh. It’s proven to make you healthier and live longer.  Valentine’s Day Improv Comedy, Bovine Metropolis Theater, Saturday, February 13th at 8:00 PM
  96. Healthy delectable indulgence: Strawberries, dark chocolate (70% or more cacao) and a nice organic wine.
  97. His and hers snow shoes from REI
  98. An heirloom family portrait at Baumgartner Portraiture
  99. Sign up for yoga at Rishi’s Crossing in Lakewood. Thank you to my friends Mary Ann and Bruce Plocher and yoga guru Asia Cyr!
  100. Healthy non-toxic cookware
  101. A night at the opera

Whew! This was a lot of work but very fun. I hope that in some way I can help make a healthy impact on your choices. Many of the businesses I have mentioned above are owned by people who are members of my practice and have become great friends.

The creation of this list made me realize how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

In health, with love (of course, on Valentine’s Day),

Dr. Ron

P.S. PLEASE comment below and give me insight, opinions and feel free to contribute. There will be people and places and things that I just plain forgot to include that are deserving of making this list. let’s work on it together!

P.S.S. If you choose some of these ideas, please come back and let me know. I would love to hear your story. (Except for #61 :) )

P.S.S. Please share this, maybe you can help someone. After all that’s what love is about, right?

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