Middle Back Pain – Why You have it.

Middle Back Pain

Middle Back Painmiddle-back-pain

The origins of middle back pain can stem from several places.  Middle back pain during pregnancy has a different etiology than middle back pain while running.  To fully understand what might be causing pain in your middle back, it’s important to understand nerves and the path that they take.  The reason this is important is because of what’s called ‘referred pain’.

Sometimes your spine can hurt but it’s your gall bladder full of gall stones that’s the cause. It can send pain to your middle back because the neural pathway back to the brain refers pain to a junction in the thoracic spine and it feels like pain in your mid back muscles.  If this is the case, you may notice that your back hurts more every time you eat (especially fatty or greasy foods).

Middle Back Pain and Sports

Middle back pain when running might be an overuse injury.  Typically we’ll see this case in someone who runs.  Your gait pattern or running style or form may need a little improvement. We perform gait analysis to determine if this is a contributing factor.  After analyzing, I would most likely prescribe gait specific exercises, physical rehab and a chiropractic adjustment to the spine.  Sometimes it’s a mobility issue sometimes a stability issue. Either way, we address the cause, not the symptom. Middle back pain is common in sports such as golf and tennis. If you play either of these sports try this…learn to grove a swing with your opposite hand. If you are a right handed golfer, learn and practice a left handed golf swing. This WILL NOT ruin your game but it may help fix your problem. Balance and symmetry help prevent pain

If the pain is in the lower middle back, part of the differential diagnosis will include kidney stones.  If a kidney stone is referring the pain, the next step would be a diagnostic ultrasound to confirm.  A review of your diet is also likely to confirm HOW you developed them, and knowing this is used to prevent them from developing again.

(PS You don’t want one of these.  People report passing a kidney stone to be as painful as child birth!)

Middle Back Pain and Sleeping

If you get pain in your middle back while sleeping, it might be time to look at a better mattress.  Different body types like a variety of different types of support.  One tip regarding the best mattress for back back pain (I’ll divulge more info on a separate post later) is to make sure you ask about the return policy. Soemtimes a bed feels good in the store but after a week, you’re miserable and hurting.  Look out for 20% restocking fees.  You should give your bed about 2 weeks to offer you the ‘permanent’ feel.  After two weeks, if it doesn’t feel right, send it back.  If it’s ‘the one’ then you’ll likely notice anywhere from 1 night to 2 weeks.

Middle Back Pain and Posture

This may be the most common reason for MBP. Too many of us spend too much time hunched over a computer. The ergonomics I see at most desks are not very back friendly. The top of your computer screen should be at eye level. If your pain is on the side that you mouse with you probably have your arm extended to far out to reach the mouse. This can lead to repetitive stress type of injuries not only your middle back but your shoulder, arm, wrist and neck.

Middle Back Pain Relief at Computer

Bring your arm closer to your side and closer to your body so your elbow is bent as close to 90 degrees as possible. This will take the stress off the shoulder girdle and scapula as well as the cervicothoracic area. If your major complaint is middle back pain or upper back pain on one side, this may the the cause.

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