Natural Treatment for Insomnia- A Case Review

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Looking for a natural treatment for insomnia? You’re not alone. As many as 15% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia. A cure for sleeplessness is one goal worth pursuing when it comes to wellness.

When obtained, a remedy for restful sleep can be a magical form of holistic medicine.

Sleeping well is key to living with less pain and having a better life.

In my clinic we use neurotransmitter therapy to help with chronic insomnia. It can be remarkably effective. It’s natural (it must be for me to use it :) ) and it addresses one of the true causes of insomnia- depletion of normal neurotransmitter levels. The key is to help the body obtain healthy levels of two very important master hormones- serotonin and dopamine.

Here’s a case study of a patient on this alternative medicine protocol. I thought it may be helpful you to ‘look over my shoulder’ during the management of one of these insomnia treatment cases.

A Case of Chronic Insomnia

A patient with severe insomnia was started on specific amino acids (precursors to the formation of hormones), after adjusting the amino acids to level 3 dosing there was no change in symptoms of sleeplessness (we incrementally step up dosing until the patient either experiences relief of symptoms or if no relief occurs we obtain a urine sample to determine levels and then adjust accordingly).

A Natural Treatment for Insomnia

Since there were no relief of symptoms at this point a urine sample was obtained and submitted to the lab in order to determine levels. After four tests with subsequent amino acid adjustments the patient was sleeping all night for the first time in years. On the final test the serotonin and dopamine were not in the therapeutic range, since the patient was sleeping all night he declined further testing and adjusting of dosage of amino acids.

A year and a half later the patient’s sleep was still good but he was complaining of feeling fatigued during the first two hours in the morning. A urine sample was obtained and per the results the amino acid dosing was adjusted by one pill. Follow up testing after the new dosing revealed that the serotonin and dopamine were now both in the therapeutic ranges. Result: The patient reported sleeping well with no further fatigue in the morning.

A Natural Treatment for Insomnia Case Study

So, in this case, adjusting the amino acid dosing by just one pill led to significant results. This case of insomnia is a great example of how complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) can be beneficial.

Natural treatment for insomnia- another way to help people experience less pain and a better life.

Posted from Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States.

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