Neck Pain Symptoms – What You Need To Know

Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain symptoms

are a very important factor when diagnosing the underlying condition of the cervical pain. However, this can be challenging because neck pain symptoms can come from various sources. The pain can vary from one person to another as well as its severity even thought he condition may be the same.

Commonly, neck pain includes dull aches which get worse by simply moving the neck. Other neck pain symptoms may be the following:

• Lightheadedness

• Vertigo

• Shooting or sharp pains

• Tenderness

• Tingling sensation in the affected area

• Difficulty in swallowing

• Swishing noises

• Swelling of the glands located in the neck area

• Strong pulsing sensations

• Pain which radiates down the shoulders and the upper back

These are the usual neck pain symptoms which people feel. However, there are other symptoms which you may experience too. For example, you can feel nauseous and suffer from blurred vision. You may also have fever and experience fatigue. The tiredness may be unusual and along with it there can also be unintentional weight loss. If you go through any of these neck pain symptoms, it is necessary to contact your doctor immediately.

Neck Pain Symptoms to Get Checked Immediately:

• High fever

• Severe tenderness every time you move

• Sensitivity to light

• Numbness and paresthesia

• Excruciating pain from a head or neck injury

These symptoms could be manifestations of a serious underlying condition. At their onset, it is important to see your preferred practitioner so he or she can help diagnose what’s the real problem.

During a chiropractic checkup, it is important to describe all the neck pain symptoms you are having so your doctor can have a clearer view of the true cause. Oftentimes, severe neck pain is a result of muscular strain or damaged nerves. This affects the supply of blood and oxygen to the muscles. A chiropractic exam would usually consist of a thorough history, orthopedic and neurological exam and x-rays.

If the neck pain symptoms you’re having change from one sensation to another—such as numbness and then burning—it is highly possible that the nerves in the area have been compressed, bruised, pinched, or irritated in some way. When there’s reddening in the area, it is indicative of infection or swelling due to an irritant. Many times it is the unattended end result of an underlying structural problems which needs to be evaluated.

Telling all the symptoms to your doctor, how long they have been around, as well as their severity can help him or her make more accurate diagnosis of the root cause. I have done ergonomic work at companies in Littleton and Lakewood, CO like the City of Littleton and Wells Fargo Bank in Littleton. Helping these employees set up their work stations to reduce repetitive stress injuries helped them a ton.

Severe Neck Pain Symptoms

Oftentimes, the allopathic doctor would prescribe some medications to deal with neck pain symptoms and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Again, these medications would depend on the diagnosis of the discomfort. Commonly though, simple anti-inflammatories  can help calm the condition. If there’s swelling, then anti-inflammatory NSAIDs are commonly recommended.

Dealing with neck pain symptoms can also be done naturally especially if they are not serious. For example, you can use hot or cold compress or simply do some stretches. However, if the neck pain symptoms are persistent and severe,it’s just plain smart to see someone like a chiropractor who can help.

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