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Alternatives to Cortisone: Sarapin Injections


sarapin-injectionsWhen it comes to chronic pain management – especially in regards to muscle nerve and joint pain – the go-to treatment these days is cortisone. Cortisone has a great track record of being effective when it comes to both the management of pain and the reduction of inflammation.

It’s important to note that cortisone is a chemical compound that owes its effectiveness to a chemical reaction though. This being the case, it comes along with quite a few negative cortisone side effects including high blood pressure, risk of cataracts, potential bone damage, and joint enlargement. Cortisone damage inhibits the normal healing inflammatory reaction and can accelerate the degenerative process in tendons, ligaments, and joints in which it is injected. Heavy doses of cortisone via injections can also create problems with blood sugar in diabetics, changing the normal cortisol control system in the body, and can breakdown and damage cartilage and stem cells. (This is exactly why your doctor limits the amount of cortisone injections you can get per year.)

Naturally, sufferers of chronic pain and the conditions that cause it have been wishing for an effective, natural alternative to cortisone for a while now and Sarapin is very definitely a good candidate for trigger points or joint injections.

What Is Sarapin?

Derived from the natural analgesic compounds found in the pitcher plant, Sarapin is an aqueous solution that has been proving itself effective against chronic pain and related conditions since the 1930’s. It is most effective when used as a pain relief treatment for muscular, neuralgic, and joint-related pain. Sarapin is capable of providing significant levels of pain relief when it comes to swelling and inflammation as well and it is capable of doing so to a degree that rivals cortisone…without the side effects.

As far as why Sarapin trigger point injections are so effective, it’s the way pitcher plant extract is capable of stopping pain signals right where they start –at the nerve – without actually affecting the function of that nerve. Sarapin also packs a natural ability to help jumpstart the body’s own natural healing process, so it can help your body begin to get on top of its issues while it deals with your pain. Best of all, Sarapin has been found to be side effect free. Unlike cortisone, it is capable of achieving optimal pain management without the risk of tissue damage or other harmful side effects.

Why Haven’t More People Heard of Sarapin?

Naturally, the big question is if Sarapin is so effective and – in many ways – more effective than cortisone, why isn’t it the go-to treatment for pain management instead? The answer is actually pretty simple. Since it’s a natural compound derived from a plant, it’s not possible to patent it and subject it to the huge mark-ups people are used to when it comes to most commonly offered drugs. For this reason, Sarapin is simply not as profitable or marketable as cortisone is and therefore hasn’t had the opportunity to be marketed to doctors as effectively as other treatments have been. In fact, your doctor may not even be aware of Sarapin’s effectiveness or even its existence.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not available as a treatment though. If you suffer from chronic joint, nerve, or muscle pain for which you typically receive regular cortisone injections, consider asking your doctor about Sarapin trigger point injections. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel if they are a proper treatment alternative.

Note: You can read another article on all-natural Sarapin (sometimes incorrectly spelled Serapin) injections here:


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