Holistic Chiropractic Treatment and a Premise of Alternative Health Care

As a natural doctor and holistic chiropractic advocate, an important theory I adhere to holds that the nervous system is the ultimate controller of the human immune system, as it is of all body systems. How does that apply to holistic chiropractic treatment? The disruption of the nervous system by subluxation complex (involving joints, muscles and nerves which surround nervous system tissue) dimin... Read More »

Only Dead Fish Swim Downstream

I’m a big fan of milking the magic out of everyday life- not really following the ‘someday when things are just right’ philosophy. It’s a beautiful winter day here in Colorado. In reality, it’s the only winter day. I’ve had a number of my young adult patients inquire about being a chiropractor. Of all the rewarding aspects of my job, when this happens I feel lik... Read More »

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