Famous Athletes, Celebrities Admit Health Secret Wasn’t Steroids…

A number of celebrities and pro athletes now openly admit that they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today if it weren’t for something they willingly chose to incorporate into their weekly routines during their multi-million dollar performances. Surprising to some…it’s chiropractic care. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Athlete, Actor and Governor. Arnold actually has ... Read More »

chiropractic clinic

Chiropractic Clinic – Serving Denver, Lakewood, and Littleton

What do you look for when attempting to find the best chiropractic clinic? Although some chiropractic offices appear the same now as some did 20 years ago, many chiropractic clinics now incorporate more than just hands-on chiropractic adjustments. For example, a progressive chiropractic clinic might also provide such services as x-rays and radiology, electric muscle stimulation, massage therapy, ... Read More »

Eliminate back pain

Eliminating Back Pain

There are two ways to get rid of any pain.  You can get rid of the stress causing the pain OR increase your threshold (the body’s resistance) to the stress that’s causing the pain.  To eliminate back pain effectively, you’ll need to fully understand and know what’s causing it in the first place. Treating the cause of axial skeletal pain doesn’t mean taking drugs, pills or surgery (unless the... Read More »

chiropractors vs doctors

Chiropractors vs Doctors

It’s thought by some that chiropractors are not on par with medical doctors and that our education is not comparable. Here’s some intriguing information across I came when researching the whole “chiropractors vs doctors” information I found It was a test between medical students and chiropractic students that can add to the conversation of chiropractors vs doctors… He... Read More »

Littleton Colorado

Chiropractor in Littleton Colorado – Dr. Ron Spallone, DC

Chiropractor from Littleton, Colorado, Dr. Ron Spallone has been a Littleton resident for over 16 years. Read More »

best lower back exercise

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Lower Back Exercise

There are literally hundreds of exercises and treatments for lower back pain- here's how to decide what is best lower back exercise for you. Read More »

Best Denver Chiropractor?

Looking for the best Chiropractor in the Denver area? This should help you out. Read More »