Types of Headaches You Should Know About

Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches

As a chiropractor who treats headaches, headaches are considered a phenomenon pain that can at best hinder your ability to work and play or at worst literally debilitate you. Headache or cephalgia, in medical jargon, begins from the head down to the neck stimulating pain-sensitive receptors in muscles, tendons, joints, fascia or even the meninges of nerves. There are many types of headaches that are categorized by The International Headache Society.

Fundamentally, the types of headaches are categorized as either Primary headaches or Secondary headaches. Primary headache determines no organic cause while secondary headache brings about a symptom with a specific cause ranging from trauma, infection to cranial disorders.

The types of headaches under the Primary category are tension headaches, migraine headaches , cluster headaches and cranial or temporal arteritis. The most common one is tension-type. Rare disorders under primary headaches include cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia and hemicranias continua.

Tension-type headaches appear to be the chronic types of headaches where it occurs five times more frequently in men than in women. Pattern of chronic forms usually starts between 20 to 40 years old where stress levels are precipitated from situational crisis. In the Mile High City of Denver and Lakewood and especially in the two-mile high elevations of the Rocky Mountains, headaches can be a sign of altitude sickness.

Migraines, on the other hand, are categorized on their complex structure of periodic occurrence. It staggers attack recurrently lasting from 4 hours and can extend for as long as 3 days in adulthood. These types of headaches are the reason why it can interrupt familial life and offer employees a request for absenteeism.

Cranial arteritis characterizes the view of headaches as simply the inflammation of walls of the blood vessels in the brain. It is localized in the region of temporal arteries. Hence, temporal arteritis coins another terminology for these types of headaches. In generalized form, cranial arteritis encases the part of a vascular disease in the head region.

Secondary Types of Headaches

In the secondary types of headaches, it is sorted out based on their etiology. Head traumas like intracranial bleeding, post-operational craniotomies and other cranial injuries are some examples of this type of secondary headaches. Serious cranial and vascular disorders related to headache include brain tumors, meningitis and severe hypertension. To a closer approach in these types of headaches, researchers from The International Headache Society also include vascular disease extending to transient ischemic attack, vascular malformations and intracranial hemorrhage.

Secondary Types of Headaches

Headaches attributing to ingestion or exposure to some substances can be classified as secondary headaches. Infection migrating to the head or in the case of meningitis can contribute to these types of headaches. Systemic infections have higher chances to lengthen the duration of headache. Exertion forces from intense different exercises or maneuvers involving abdominal force or tractions can lead to secondary headaches. Blood pressure issues, TMJ syndrome and allergies are also known precipitators of headaches.

Types of headaches coming from facial pain such as disorders of the teeth, eyes, nose ears, sinuses and throat attributes to secondary types. Chiropractic care can be amazingly effective in the right situations as can laser therapy for headaches. The treatment you receive should depend on the types of headaches you experience.

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