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The official website of Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Spallone, DC and Evocare Center for Physical Health. An award-winning complimentary and alternative medicine and chiropractic clinic focusing on the best natural treatment of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches and non-surgical treatment of disc related sciatica and pinched nerves. The chiropractic health and wellness clinic also has a primary focus on sports injury treatment. Our sports injuries and performance protocols have been utilized on some of the top athletes in the world. Dr. Spallone has been voted “Sports Chiropractor of the Year” by the Colorado Chiropractic Association and voted “National Chiropractor of  the Year” by the Chiropractic Association for the Care of Elite and Professional Athletes. learn more
K-Laser Treatment
Advanced laser therapy in Colorado
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DRX900 Treatment
Spinal Decompression to the next level!
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Sports Chiropractor
Therapy for Sports Injuries
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Alternative Health
Beyond traditional…
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The Passion
The Story.
The secret to success is purpose. Purpose creates passion and with passion, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.  Learn the story of how a near fatal car accident led a 25 year-old beach bum to pursue his passion. With his life nearly taken, Denver chiropractor, Ron Spallone eventually realized that except for himself, the whole world consisted of other people…and those people needed help.
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Featured Story

“I’m a body builder, Miss Colorado Natural of 2006…Chiropractic care is extremely important to  me and having the best chiropractor is a must. I wanted the best chiropractor in Colorado…”

Ginny’s Story

Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Spallone says, “As a chiropractor and complementary and alternative practitioner, I’m always to willing to research and explore new natural healing methods. Our advanced approach to treatment  like the Functional Movement Screen or the DRX9000 spinal decompression therapy or the K-laser Class IV laser therapy for pain relief…these therapies as well as others like kinesiotaping (kinesio-taping with Spider-tech) for sports injuries have all come about due to past inabilities or failures to provide pain relief for some patients. I take it personally if I can’t get someone better. So I go on a quest for bigger, better, faster methods and techniques to have therapies and knowledge available, on site to offer my patients. I’ve done that for 15 years.

Now our Denver chiropractic clinic has so many ‘tools’ and therapies available that we can reach for the right one or the right combinations and usually we have a better chance at helping people get the results they want. Having a lot of options also allows us to be able to acknowledge and adhere to patient preferences because we’re not tied to just one technique. The Proadjuster, for example, is a computerized instrument we use when someone doesn’t want manual manipulation. Proadjuster chiropractors use this as an adjusting instrument to replace manual chiropractic adjustments. Without it, I wouldn’t have a choice. I feel that options are important for people.

Car Accident Treatment

Dr. Spallone decided to become a chiropractor after a near fatal auto accident sustained from a car accident. He says, “I felt like a zombie on the medications- I couldn’t do anything. I had every soft-tissue injury imaginable, the worst being a closed head injury in the form of a concussion. I flew out of the Jeep and then it rolled and landed on me. All the muscle and joint injuries from lifting the Jeep off took a long time to heal. The head injuries and concussion were the worst, I still deal with some of the effects today.”

“Although it was a horrible thing to go through, there is no way I could be as empathetic or effective at taking care of people who have been injured in a car accident if it didn’t happen to me. But I knew deep inside that my body needed more than drugs  to get better. Someone told me to ‘find a chiropractor.’ I did…and it changed my life.

I used chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture combined. I had a caring ‘team’ nurture me back to health, naturally . It took a long time. After my recovery I made a promise to myself to always cherish being alive. I also dropped what I was doing (beach bum in Maui) and committed into pursuing a career in natural health care so I could do the same for others, I became a chiropractor.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

If there’s one absolute that I can conclude from my experience it’s this- you can’t ‘tough out’ a herniated disc.

Prior to the addition of the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression machine, in our Lakewood, Littleton, Denver clinic we predominantly utilized conservative and specific chiropractic care, a back pain relief machine called the ATM2, lifestyle modifications (including case specific stretches and/or core stabilization exercises) and physical and manual therapy. Now, if I have someone with a bulging disc, a pinched nerve or, in some cases, even spinal stenosis, or herniated disc or bulging disc symptoms, I will at least entertain the idea of using decompression therapy.