Should You Get a Cortisone Shot for Low Back Pain?

Alternative Physical Medicine

Should you get a cortisone shot for low back pain? Many patients come to our alternative medicine clinic in Lakewood, Colorado dire straits when it comes to low back pain from a herniated, bulging or degenerated disc. Oftentimes the standard course of action is (in sequential order) : anti-inflammat... Read More »


Sarapin: A Healthy Alternative to Cortisone

Alternative Physical Medicine

Alternatives to Cortisone: Sarapin Injections   When it comes to chronic pain management – especially in regards to muscle nerve and joint pain – the go-to treatment these days is cortisone. Cortisone has a great track record of being effective when it comes to both the management of pain and t... Read More »

can a chiropractor help with whiplash

Can A Chiropractor Help With Whiplash?

Whiplash Treatment

Immediately following an accident it might not sound to appetizing to go to a chiropractor, so you may be asking yourself, “Can a chiropractor help with whiplash?” If you’ve ever suffered the soft tissue injuries and neck pain associated with whiplash, then you already know it’s no picni... Read More »


Is A Herniated Disc The Same Thing As A Bulging Disc?

Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated, bulging, ruptured and deteriorated discs are being diagnosed more frequently today than ever before. Not because more cases are occurring but rather improved MRI imaging allows doctors to visualize these conditions in greater detail and sooner than ever before. This has been a tremendous ... Read More »

food sensitivity testing key alcat

The ALCAT Test: An Individualized Food Blueprint

Alternative Physical Medicine

  Have you been to the doctor multiple times and no matter what tests he or she orders, they can’t seem to find any major answers? Or on the other side of the fence, are your aches and ailments starting to accumulate like a cluttered closet? There is no end-all, be-all, cure-all when it comes t... Read More »

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